DRIP COFFEE – this is a manual brewing method using filter paper and specialized coffee makers. The principle of dispensing is that hot water will pass through the coffee powder – under small gravity downwards through the filter, the coffee grounds are retained above. Drip coffee is prepared by the method of Drip coffee with a slight bitterness, sour and sweet aftertaste
1. Raw materials and tools
– 30g pure Arabiaca coffee beans
– Coffee grinder
– Drip dispensing kits:
– Drip coffee filter paper
– Porcelain filter funnel
– Glass jar containing coffee is obtained
– Specialized water dispenser
2. Preparation method
– Put the coffee beans in the machine, grind into a raw form, a little bigger than the coffee powder.
– Place the filter paper in the funnel, folding the bottom of the filter paper to fit the bottom of the funnel – placing on the – glass jar.
– Boil 400ml of water to 100 degrees C, pour a little boiling water around the funnel to absorbent paper filter.
– Put ground coffee on filter paper, shake gently to spread coffee evenly in the funnel.
– Pour slowly about 60ml of boiling water into the coffee in a clockwise rotation. Note pouring evenly throughout the coffee powder, not pouring onto the filter paper.
– After about 30 seconds, when the coffee has expanded, slowly pour the remaining water.
– Wait until the coffee is absorbed through the filter paper, dripped into a glass jar, then poured out to serve – enjoy.
You can add milk, or sugar, according to your taste.

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